शिरपुर में मनाई गयी महाराणा प्रताप जयंती....!

हर साल की तरह इस साल भी महाराष्ट्र के शिरपुर शहर में प्रणवीर वीर शिरोमणि महाराणाप्रताप सिंहजी की ४६९ वी जयंती बड़े धूमधाम से माने गयी! सुबह रक्तदान ,अस्पताल में मरीजोंको फल वितरण आदि कार्यक्रम सम्पन्न हुए! शाम को ३ बजे यात्रा का प्रारंभ हुवा! यात्रा में बैंड, ढोल, डि. जे., हात में तलवार लिए नाचते हुए ३००० से भी ज्यादा युवक, हाथी, घोडे ,रथ में सवार महाराणा जी की वेशभूषा में युवक इस शोभा यात्रा के प्रमुख आकर्षण थे !
शहर के प्रमुख मार्गोंसे गुजराती हुयी यात्रा का हर जगह स्वागत किया गया! मुस्लिम युवकोने यात्रा में शरीक लोगोंको शरबत देने की भी व्यवस्था की! इस साल इस समारोह में विशेष अतिथि के रूप में थे , राजस्थान के नेता आदरणीय श्री लोकेन्द्रसिंह कालवी...!
श्री जयपालसिंह गिरासे के साथ श्री कालवी साहब का इन्दोर से शिरपुर में आगमन हुवा जहा उनका भव्य स्वागत किया गया! इस वक्त मंच पर विधायक प्रिन्स जयकुमार रावल, प्रिन्स विक्रांत सिंह रावल, नंदुरबार जिला परिषद् के उपाध्यक्ष जयपाल रावल, नरेंद्रसिंग जमादार, जवानसिंग पवार,नारायण सिंग चौधरी ,शामसिंग जमादार, विजयसिंग गिरासे राज देशमुख, हर्षल गिरासे, अमोल गिरासे,चन्दन सिंगराजपूत ,जयेंद्र रावल, अम्बालाल राजपूत ,द्यानेश्वर चौधरी, संग्राम सिंह,सुनील राजपूत , भूरा राजपूत,जितुभाऊ गिरासे,एकनाथ जमादार, नरेंद्रसिंग सिसोदिया और समाज के जानेमाने सभी लोग काफी संख्या में मौजूद थे!

शुरुवात में श्री जयपाल सिंह गिरासे ने अपने प्रास्ताविक भाषण में विशेष अतिथि का परिचय दिया और मान्यवरोंका स्वागत किया!उपस्थित सभी अतिथियोने श्री कालवी जी का फुलहार,शाल,और बुके देकर स्वागत किया! श्री कालवी जी के हाथो रुग्ण वाहिका का लोकार्पण किया गया!

Rajputs in Maharashtra

MORE ABOUT THE RAJPUTS IN MAHARASHTRA……[Artcle written by Mr Jaypalsingh Vikramsingh Girase]*History and background:Rajputs in Maharashtra are large in number.Some say that they are the descendents of the Rashtrakuts, Yadav Kings etc. But many historians and the Bards of the Rajput families had proved that many of the clans had come from Rajasthan, UP, MP and Gujarat in the Medieval period and they settled down in the different parts of the southern states. Some of them had forgotten their culture, traditions in the course of time and they totally mixed among the natives. It might had been happened due to the Mohammedan Rule.But many of the families didn’t forget their caste ,creed and culture.They remained Rajputs and preserved their status and traditions in the critical situations. They had beared a lot of troubles.To earn their living and in search of the safest places they had to live the life of wandering people.They used to migrate from a place to many in those days.Some of them settled on the banks of the river Tapi,Narmada and Godavary or the nearby regions.Some of them migrated again towards the southern parts of India.The strong families succeeded in getting the Jahagiries ,Patilships,Vatandaries in the regional governments.Others used to loot the regions of Sultani governments.The clans settled in the Maharashtra were mainly Sisodiya,Panwar,Tomar, Jadhav,Nikumbh, Baghel, Chauhan, Solanki.Besides these there are other clans also but they are miner.The Sisodiyas claim that they were from Chittod.In 1330 they migrated from Chittod to Mandavgarh.In 1332 they arrived in Khandesh region.They created their Jahagiries with the power of swords.They built small castles,Garhies and Wadas. In the Khandesh there are many Garhies.The main Garhies are at Malpur,Dondaicha,Sarangkheda, Ranjane,Shindkheda, Mohida, Karwand, Vanawal, Lamkani ,Lombode.They bear the title Rawal,Raul etc.By the records Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj visited the Darbargarh fort at Malpur when on the move of Surat.He offered a Sanad to the native ruler Shri Ramsinghji Sisodiya.The Shau Ist with his mother also visited the fort while returning from Delhi Darbar after the death of Aurangjeb.The another branches of Sisodiya ,Jadhav and Panwar clans accepted the Sardarship in the Darbars of Nijam Sahi and Adil Shahi.The famous Bhonsale Family is the descendent of the Ranas of Mewar.The brave Shivaji founded the Hindavi Swarajya in Maharashtra.The Jadhavs of Shinkhed claim to be the descendent of Lord Krishna.Some clans who call themselves Marathas are the descendents of Sisodiyas, Panwars and Jadhav Kshtriyas.Since the Jadhavs claim to be from Karauli, Panwars claim that they too are from Ujjain, Mandu and Dhar.The Tomaras from Tanwar Dhar and Gwalier also had setteled in the various regions of Khandesh.Many clans accepted the regional titles so it becomes difficult to identify them.The Panwars had built small citadel [like castles] at Shendani[Dist-Jalgoan].They were from Dhar.There was a Jahagiri of Panwars at Nagardewala bestowed by the Maratha Power.In the north of Dhule there is a small castle named Songir.It was built by Rajputs in Yadava period.The records show that Udaysing Kushwaha,the Fortman was killed in one of the battle at the fort of Songir.The people like Paradhis, Gadi lohars ,Pawara also claim to be the descedents of Rajput clans.Some Rajputs also married with the daughters of native Prominent Kshatriyas.It is true that Rajputs had suffered a lot while setteling down in the Maharashtra.The records say that they lived a life of wandering tribes.They struggled hard for achieving the power, place and positions.The miners formed gangs.Sometimes they behaved like dacoits to earn their living.Many of them created and accepted the lands and become the farmers [Kunbis].* The titles used by the Maharashtriyan Rajputs:Rajputs had accepted various titles in Maharashtra like Patil, Deshmukh,Chaudhary, Girase, Jamadar ,Pardeshi etc. The titles themselves had a great history and the background.In Northern parts the Chief of the towns…villages are being called Mukhiyas or Thakurs.In Maharashtra the title or the term Patil had been being used for the chiefs of the villages or the towns.Many Rajputs were bestowed Patilship of the villages by the territorial governments.The descendents of these Patils have been using the title till today. It is one of the honorable tilte.The history tells us that many families had fought to get that term or position.For this they used to shed their blood.To maintain Law and order was their duty.The Patil was the representative of the king in his village.He was treated as the king in his villages.In this modern time Patil is the representative of the Police.The Deshmukhs were the chiefs of small estates[Jahagiries].They use to collect funds ,taxes from the natives.They also do the job of judges in their provinces.This post was created in the period of Maratha Rule.The People who used to collect the Chauthais in the appointed areas werebestowed with the title Chaudhary with respect and certain authorities by the Sultanates and various Patshahies.In Rajasthan and Gujarath ,there is a tribe named Garasia.Historiyans argue whether they are Rajputs or Adiwasis. In Maharashtra the title “Girase” had an interesting history. In Mohammedan Rule many Rajputs took shelter in the hilly areas to save themselves from the Islamic conversion. Since they had been living in the hilly areas, the natives in the plains used to call them “Girase”. It is the term which means the dwellers in the mountains.The term is created with the combination of the words “Giri” and “Aase”. The word “Giri” means mountain and the word “Aase” means “ashray” [ Residence] .It is not the specific clan but merely the tilte.The families like Sisodiyas ,Jadhavs, Nikumbhs and Panwars have been using this title.This title is also being used by some Maratha and Pawara[Adivasi tribe in North Maharashtra and southern MP] clans.Jamadars were those who were appointed by the Sultanates in various regions to collect the taxes and to submit in the treasury.The term Pardeshi is given by the natives of Maharashtra.Some groups of the Northern people arrived here.They were called Pardeshi by the natives.The Pardeshi claim to be from Ayodhya.They had the titles like Raghuwanshi,Hajari, Bais, Sananda, Baghel etc.These are the only people who had kept their language alive in Maharashtra. *The differences made among the Rajputs by the Rajputs:In Maharashtra,there are many differences among the Rajputs according to their superiority.They are being differentiated into the sub-catagories as Chittadoriks,Ishi Mahalas, Kakapuries, Katanyas, Pardhans etc.Each of these suppose themselves superior. This is the main cause which does not allow Rajputs to come together amd live together.The medieval psychology had devided them from each other.The things are gradually changing but not so effectively.They are intermarrying with each others at some level.But it happens only at Urban area or in the high educated families.Chittadoriks have been following the rituals like Munj and wearing of the holly thread around the body{Janeu}.So they are called Chittadoriks.The others do not follow these traditional rituals of Rajput Caste.*The Role of Rajputs in the politics of Maharashtra.Though Rajputs are great in number ,they are not so powerful to achieve the powerful post,position and place in the politics of Maharashtra.They are always suppressed by some powerful caste people.Yet some of the people succeeded in getting higher posts.Late Mr Sonusingh Dhansingh Patil{Chalisgoan} was one of them who succeeded in getting the higher post like the Home Minister for the State Affairs in Morarji Bhai Desai’s Cabinet in Janata Party’s Rule.Smt Pratibhatai Patil-Shekhawat is the strong lady who succeded in high and higher post in Politics.She had worked as the Cabinet Minister in the Govt. of Maharashtra.She was also elected as the Vice-President of Rajya Sabha. She also had done the role of the President of Indira Congress of the Maharashtra State.She is appointed as the Governor of Rajasthan now a days. She remained loyal to her party from the beginning.Mr Uttamsingh Pawar is one of the powerful leader from Marathwada.He was elected as the MP from Jalana constituency twice.He is going to make a Hindi Movie on the life of Indiraji Gandhi.Late Mr Dadasaheb Jaisinghji D.Rawal was the strongest leader and true congressman from West Khandesh.He was elected as the MLA. He was the contemporary leader of Late Yashwantrao Chavan and Bhausaheb Hire.But his ability and powerfulness was even neglected or suppressed by the caste factor in Maharashtra.He united the Rajputs of Maharashtra and had done much more to uplift his community.His son Bapusaheb Jaidewsingh Rawal was elected as a MLA who defeated the Strong Gurjar leader Mr P.K.Patil in Shahada-Dondaicha constituency.After the 26 years, the grandson of Late Dadasaheb J.D.Rawal ,Mr Jaykumar Jitendrasingh Rawal defeated the same traditional opponents like Mr Hemant Deshmukh[EX-Minister] and Mr P.K.Patil.He is elected on the ticket of BJP-Shivsena.He is a ruling MLA.Mr R.O.Patil from Parola is one of the powerful leaders.He is the Shivsena MLA. Mr Mahendrasingh Patil is the Ex-MLA from Erondol constituency. Mr Dilipkumar Sananda is the MLA from Khamgoan Constituancy.In Mumbai Mr Kripashankar Singh and Mr Harbans Singh are the active politicians.Late Mr Vitthalsingh M.Rajput from Nandurbar was the most powerful man.He was elected as the Member of the Film Censor Board. Recently he was elected as the President of ANI.He was also the Editor of Daily Nandadarshan.He was selected in the panel of journalists who accompanied Mr Manmohansingh on the tour of Malasia.He was a well-read,widely traveled person who also played the role as the VP of Rajput Parishad.He died in 2006.Rajputs have been elected at the Panchayat Samities---Zilha Parishads---Municipalities---Banks---various committees in a large number.*Relation with Mewar:Most of the Rajputs claim that they had come from Mewar before the 14 th century and after the Haldi Ghati war.Some say that after the death of Maharana Pratap Singh, his son Amarsingh became the Maharana of Mewar. After the continuous struggle for near about twenty years with Mughls, he negotiated with Mughals.This made some Rajput Sardars insulted.So they left Mewar and spread in the various parts of the country.The Prince of Mewar Shri Chandrakiran Singhji, who abdicated the crown and arrived at Maharashtra in 19 th century.He searched out the ancient Ashram of Maharshi Kanwa near Kanalda Town in the Jalgoan District of Maharashtra.He founded it again and recreated it.He lived his life till his death there and lived a life of a swami.*The Modern challenges before Rajputs in Maharahtra:Rajputs have been facing many problems…..challenges in the modern time. Many people are depended on the traditional farming.They are sunk in high amount of loans.The youths are jobless.At many places Rajputs are very much behind in Education. Because of the poverty, lack of funds or scholarships they could not complete the higher education.Rajputs are not united as others. Though they are living in a modern age, many of them are stuck to the traditional thoughts and actions.The major problem before each Rajput is the Dowry System.To pay the dowry they have to be either sink in debts or to sell their properties.They are extravagant in the ceremonies like marriages.In villages there are many groups, parties who use to waste their valuable time and wealth in fighting each others.*The need of time:Rajputs should unite and launch a powerful, useful and widely supported organization.With the help of the organization they should ban the outdated customs and extravagantness effectively.They should stop the dowry system.They should accept the simple life style.They should arrange the common marriage ceremonies every year to save the time and money.They should start Educational Institutions, hostels to make avail the education to the financially backward Rajputs.The women should be encouraged to take the high and higher education. The organization should unite the Rajputs who live in the villages and carrying on their traditional fueds in dirty politics.[ The writer of this article: Mr Jaypalsingh Vikramsingh Girase.Email: jaypalg@yahoo.co.in , jaypalg@rediffmail.comAddress- Plot-50, Vidavihar Colony, Shirpur, Dist-Dhule [Maharashtra]Mobile—9422788740